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Relationship Therapy

Supporting people to thrive in their intimate lives is one of my passions. I offer counselling services to people struggling with concerns related to sexuality and relationships, and those seeking to overcome the impact of past traumatic experiences. I welcome individuals and couples, as well as folks in unconventional and/or non-traditional relationships.

My style is client-centred, and emphasizes principles of sexual health that include consensual, non-exploitative, safe, honest, and pleasurable experiences that are aligned with your values. My approach is integrative, intuitive, and informed, incorporating a blend of therapeutic approaches. With compassionate curiosity, I strive to help uncover and transform the obstacles that get in the way of growth, healing, and connection.

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for support. This is one of the things I admire most about my clients. I provide a respectful and affirming space with regard to gender, sexual orientation, erotic, romantic, relational, and spiritual diversity. Whatever brings you to therapy, I aspire to provide you a space to explore your heart and mind, heal from painful past experiences, and move beyond perceived limitations toward a greater sense of wholeness and possibility.


Key Words: Marriage Counselling; Couples Counselling; Sex Therapy